About Us

Embrionic is a highly successful Microsoft Infrastructure Technology specialist founded in the year 2000. From day-one the company set-up a number of principles and work ethics which it still upholds today:

  • To be the experts in our field
  • To add value in everything we do
  • The client always come first

Central to Embrionic’s business is its people, who are the UK’s leading experts in our chosen areas of technology. We only employ the best so we can provide the highest level of service to our clients.

Embrionic regularly work alongside our clients to provide strategic trusted advice on the direction of their IT platforms, enabling our clients to leverage our wealth of industry experience and knowledge to their advantage. For many of our clients we are a trusted partner, whose advice and guidance is seen as an invaluable tool in helping them deliver the type of service their users demand.

Since June 2003, Embrionic as a Microsoft Partner, have regularly worked alongside Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) and are now one of a small selection of MCS Smart Teaming partners. This recognition is our reward for clearly demonstrating our expertise in Microsoft technologies, and through this partnership we have been involved in some of the largest Microsoft technology projects in the UK, including, the largest Branch Retail Office Active Directory deployment in the world (with over 2500 domain controllers), deployment of Active Directory and Exchange to 300,000 users (growing to 1.2 million) and the migration of seventeen Exchange organisations into a new single organisation for over 130,000 users.

Embrionic has a demonstrable track record in designing, deploying and supporting the following technologies:

  • Identity and Directory Services
  • Microsoft Exchange and Collaboration Tools
  • Virtualisation
  • Server and Desktop Automation
  • SQL Server and Services
  • Office 365
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Systems Management
  • Application Deployment
  • Energy and Carbon Omissions Savings Solutions
  • Application Compatibility

Embrionic are a Microsoft Certified Partner.